Victor V. Kurnavin
Victor V. Kurnavin

Victor V. Kurnavin
deputy head of LAIPS of TSNIISK named after V.A.Kucherenko of JSC RCC. Moscow, Russian Federation


Modelling of damping devices in the seismic analysis of an airport terminal structures
Issue: #2-2022
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An analysis of the efficiency of using damping devices to increase the design seismic resistance of the projected building of one of the airport terminals is presented. In this case, an anti-seismic system use is the only way to implement architectural and space-planning solutions on a site with a more than 8th seismic intensity level in the design project. Models of hydraulic viscous dampers in which the reactive force depends non-linearly on the velocity of movement of the rod, linear viscous dampers and elastic-perfectly plastic elements are considered. 

The methods considered in the paper are implemented in the STARK ES software and are available for a practical use in structural design and research.